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        ABOUT US

        CRSC Communication & Information Corporation (CRSCIC) is the wholly owned subsidiary of China Railway Signal & Communication Corp (CRSC) which focused on communication & information technology. The major business of CRSCIC include research and development, product design, equipment manufacturing, system integration, engineering installation& technical service. The company headquartered in Beijing and composed of 4 branch offices, 5 Wholly owned subsidiaries, 1 holding subsidiary, 3 research and design Institutes, 2 application centers.


        CRSCIC has the capability to carry out large communication & information integration engineering and provide comprehensive service with plenty of qualifications such as Hi-tech enterprise certificate, Software enterprise certificate, Computer information system integration qualification(Class I), Classified Computer information system integration qualification, Security project enterprise qualification certificate(Class I), Intelligent building design and construction qualification Class II. With rich experience in system integration, CRSCIC market extend all over railway, urban rail transportation, highway, city informatization, airport, harbor, oil field, mine etc. CRSCIC is the main supplier of all kinds of communication and information systems.


        CRSCIC has successfully completed security monitoring system, informatization system, IOT system, cloud computing system, wireless communication system for Beijing-Tianjin CRH, Beijing-Shanghai CRH, Wuhan-Guangzhou CRH, Hangzhou-Ningbo CRH, Beijing airport, Shanghai airport, Guangzhou airport, Shenzhen airport, Shengli Oilfield, Xinjiang oilfield, Rizhao Port, Zhenjiang Port, Qinhuangdao Port, Huanghua Port, Qinshan nuclear power plant, Tianwan nuclear power plant, Pakistan nuclear power plant, Shanghai subway, Guangzhou subway, Nanjing subway, Xian subway, Erdos wisdom City, Tangshan wisdom City, Tongren wisdom City etc.


        CRSCIC has always been adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic" business philosophy and implementing the core value of "responsibility, innovation, efficient implementation, win-win" concept, with the development of communication and information industry as our own duty, promote the system innovation, technology innovation, management innovation and service innovation, speed up the construction with strong competitiveness of the first-class enterprises and provide communication and information services more secure, more efficient for users.